Modern Techniques for Website Traffic Analysis

+ Heatmaps & Session Recordings

Easy-to-understand and user-friendly analyses. Track traffic on your website, online store, blog, corporate site; replay user session recordings, collect heatmaps, and more.

Quality with a Great Look

Ever felt overwhelmed by the flood of website traffic data? We offer a clean, intuitive interface with easily digestible analytics. Grasping user behavior is crucial for enhancing your website. Track visitor paths and actions without compromising their privacy.

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Easy Implementation

Implement our all-in-one web analytics effortlessly by pasting a short code snippet into your page’s head section. Start tracking user data, replaying sessions, and collecting heatmaps with just a few clicks.


Visualize and understand user behavior with heatmaps tracking. Easily identify the most used sections of your website to make informed decisions on page layout, content placement, and design for a more user-friendly environment.

Goal Tracking

Gain valuable insights into user interactions that lead to conversions, enabling you to refine your strategy and boost overall conversion rates. Our flexible system allows you to implement goal tracking not only for specific pages but also for any function or component on your website.


Invite team members to collaborate using Teams functionality to support data-driven decision making. Harness the power of collective insights, ensuring that every team member contributes to site optimization.


Our API is structured around REST architecture, ensuring seamless integration. All endpoints consistently return JSON responses with standard HTTP status codes, streamlining data handling for developers and ensuring a reliable communication flow between applications and our platform.

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Experience a smooth integration process with our dedicated support team ready to assist you. Whether you have questions about implementing the analytics code or need guidance on utilizing specific features, our support team is here to ensure you make the most of our platform.

Own your analytics.

Your website, your rules. Dive into user traffic analysis with our sleek platform. We prioritize your privacy — your data remains yours, securely protected in our transparent environment. Gain valuable insights into user behavior and retain full ownership of analytics. Take charge, stay in control, and let your data work for you confidently.

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