Terms and Conditions

Created on 28 November, 2023 • 1 minutes read

Statmapper Platform Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 28 November, 2023

1. Definitions

  1. Statmapper Platform: Refers to the platform that enables user traffic analysis services provided by Statmapper, available under the name "Statmapper."

  2. User: Refers to an individual or entity utilizing the services offered by the Statmapper Platform.

  3. User Data: Refers to information provided by Users in connection with the use of the Statmapper Platform.

2. Terms of Use

  1. Users agree to comply with this agreement and all applicable legal requirements.

  2. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Statmapper Platform accounts, including access passwords.

  3. The use of the Statmapper Platform is permitted solely for the purpose of internet traffic analysis and obtaining user behavior-related information.

3. Data Protection

  1. User Data is stored and processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

  2. The Statmapper Platform ensures the security and confidentiality of User Data through appropriate technical and organizational measures.

4. Access Permissions

  1. Users receive access permissions to the Statmapper Platform based on individually determined subscription plans.

  2. Statmapper reserves the right to change subscription plans and grant additional permissions according to the terms specified in the agreement.

5. Prohibited Activities

  1. Users agree not to engage in actions that may disrupt the functioning or compromise the security of the Statmapper Platform.

  2. The use of the Statmapper Platform for illegal, unethical, or rights-infringing purposes is strictly prohibited.

6. Changes to the Terms

  1. Statmapper reserves the right to make changes to the terms of use.

  2. Users will be notified of any significant changes to the terms through notifications on the Statmapper Platform or electronically.

7. Final Provisions

  1. This agreement comes into effect on 28 November, 2023.

  2. Any disputes arising from the use of the Statmapper Platform will be resolved in accordance with applicable laws.

  3. Contact Statmapper for matters related to the terms: terms@auth.statmapper.com.

  4. Statmapper reserves the right to terminate the agreement with a User in case of violations of the terms.

  5. This agreement is governed by the laws of all countries where the service is available.

Please read the above terms carefully before using the Statmapper Platform. Usage of the services implies acceptance of all the conditions outlined in this agreement.